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What Image Format should I use for RSS's

Question What Image Format should I use for RSS's
Answer To provide a universal format that can be used on the current site, at a later date if I change the colour scheme and also to work with the Facebook posts, I have adopted a basic format that I use for all RSS's images on Hamfiles.

Firstly, I remove any background colour ie make the background transparent. This allows me to use it on the site with the dark brown page and on Facebook with the white background without the image looking out of place.

Next I trim the image to the edge of the radio in both height and width. This ensures that the final images are approximately the same size.

Next I make the canvas square ie, if the height or width (which ever were the larger dimension) were to be say 367px I would make the the other dimension 367px.

Finally I would resize the image itself to no more than 300x300px. This will save on bandwidth and speed up the page-load time.

The final image will need to be saved in either .png or .tif(f) format to preserve the transparent background.

All of this can be done with the most basic of photo editing software. I use Photoshop CS2 which you can (sort of) download a legal free version (read this post)

If you have any problems feel free to comment below this FAQ and I'll do my best to help.