When will my uploads be validated?

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Question When will my uploads be validated?
Answer Although not apparent to most users, I do a lot of work on the site every day that is never visible to members. I actually spend the equivalent time to a working day, every day, 7 days a week on the site/server, which is on top of all my other commitments.

For this reason I have decided that the best way to handle validations is to only do those that have been requested either by another member (ie. they have put in a request in the wanted section of the forum) or because the up-loader is in urgent need of an unrelated download and needs the points as currency. This allows me to work on the background stuff reasonably undisturbed.

With respect to the 'Wanted Section' of the forum, I do read every post but only from the perspective of the posts complying with the site rules. I do not check the Site or Back Catalogue to see if we already have the requested item available, this would simply take up all of my time. The onus is therefore on you to to check these locations yourself and create a 'Request for Validation' ticket where appropriate.

If creating a ticket is appropriate, please make sure you include the exact title of the up/download (copy & paste from the Back Catalogue) within the ticket and ideally the up-loaders username so that I can easily find the item you are requesting.

You might think that validating an upload is just a matter of ticking a box but that couldn't be further from the truth. Please have a look at the Back Catalogue page, this explains why.

If you are unsure if your upload was successful, the Back Catalogue page will also confirm that the upload is on the system.

Thank you for your understanding.