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Echo 123 v.1.3.0

Echo123 is a simple to use Windows XP utility for Sysop/Owner of a Repeater / Link or Conference. Requests for a none TTS functions with all the announcements has been requested are now have done with audio files in either MP3 or WAV. There are many tools in this program that will assist you. Audio file Clock & Beacons. Courtesy tones using CW or Audio files with effects. Friend listing with auto connect options. Internet options with auto QRZ lookup for connecting stations, Text Box Greetings for connecting stations. DTMF audio player can be used for Help or information audio files. News Player, Download and play the news to your RF users all automatically. Hold text conversations with stations that can not speak your language with the Language Translator option. Sysop / Admin Conference Controller option. Make and add your own audio files personalized to your own needs. Serial Player, Text Box Messages. Simple Repeater logic using your sound card. Parrot Function Use your link as a parrot repeater. This program runs along side the EchoLink program.

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