EchoNewsMP3Plus Ver 2.2.0

EchoNewsMP3Plus (Now with IP Mode) is a simple to use Windows XP Active X utility that allows the Sysop/Owner of a Repeater or Link to send News Information to their RF users and if connected  to the IP users Using sound files (MP3 - Wav and others). News is supplied on some club web sites. The news can be read to the RF or IP users any day of the week and any time. Incorporating CW Indent, Node Busy, Allow break in transmission for transmitters with hardware time out. Disconnect All before file played, Reconnect selected stations at the end of transmissions. A warning to IP users if the Disconnect All option that they will be disconnected during the news play. DTMF start and end of transmissions. Attach 2nd Audio file (Play one after the other). File can be played 2 times in one day. Included is the Conference Controller program The program runs alongside EchoLink


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