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EchoProducer Ver 3.8.0

Version 3.8.0 for Windows

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Additional information

EchoProducer is a simple to use Windows utility that uses the Text to Speech engine that comes with Windows. Ideal for Sysop/Owner of a Repeater / Link or Conference Controllers. There are many tools in this program that will assist you.. Courtesy tones using CW or Audio file ID's with effects (Door bell sounds). Weather conditions Current, Forecasts and Warnings. Auto connect options. Text Box Greetings for connecting stations. Profiles.

DTMF audio player can be used for Help or Information audio files. Graphical Text Chat box. Up to 20 random Beacons using TTS. News Player, Download and play the news to your RF users all automatically. Sysop / Admin Conference Controller option. DTMF single or group connect / disconnect. Times Connect and disconnect station in the conference Timed silence mode option.  Plus much more.

This program runs along side the EchoLink program.
  • Text to Speech
  • Courtesy tones using CW or Audio file ID's
  • Audio sound effects
  • Weather reports
  • Text box greetings
  • 20 random beacons
  • News player
  • Admin Conference Controller
This is a fully supported and maintained program by EI4JR. Help and guidance is available via the Echo Addons Forum

EchoProducer version History
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