Mic Input Limiter

The Mic Input Limiter is a simple to use Windows XP utility that allows the Sysop of a Repeater / Link or PC User to try and control the audio going into their node / link. It cuts down the mic gain when strong audio is used. The program runs alongside EchoLink and other add-ons. The idea of the Mic Input Limiter is to reduce the Mic Level gain when an RF user / PC User is calling through your link who's audio is a little to high. The mic level will drop to a level set and recover to the original default mic level that you have set at the end of there over. Features include left and right hand meters, Mic Gain reduction control which  ncludes AGC, Mic default level, Mic minimum level, reduce level speed, Trigger level, Seconds to recovery.
Although it works on my systems there will be some sound cards that are not compatible with the limiter so it it doesn't work I'm sorry that there is not a lot I can do about it at this stage this is all in the experimental stage at the moment.


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