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Kenwood TS-870 last firmware update

Firmware Image Revision JJTF, JJUF, JJVF

Additional information

Latest Firmware update for:
  • TS-870
Package contains 3 files for the TX-RX Board X57-4620-00:
  • jjtf LOW (27C256PCJJTF) IC4
  • jjuf MID (27C256PCJJUF) IC5
  • jjvf HIGH (27C256PCJJVF) IC6

Kenwood service bulletin 10/11/1996

The transceiver must be in the SSB mode, processor turned on, and AGC set to Slow. Repeated switching between transmit and receive may cause the S-mater to pin full scale. At that time, the receiver will mute for a few seconds.

Insufficient processing of the AGC circuit.

Replace the three EPROMs on the TX-RX board with the new ones listed below.

  1. Remove the bottom cover of the TS-870S
  2. Remove the shield that covers the TX-RX board which is located on the right side of the bottom of the transceiver.
  3. Carefully remove IC4, IC5, & IC6 from their sockets and replace them with the new parts listed above.
  4. reset the transceiver by holding the [A#B] key depressed as power is turned on.
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