Bendix King KNG Portable (v5.6.0) Radio Editing Software

Version 5.6.0 for 32 & 64 bit Windows

Additional information

Programming Software for:
  • Project 25 KNG & KNG2 digital radios
Configuration software for RELM Wireless' KNG APCO Project 25 digital radio product line. This product line supports Wide band and Narrow band Analog, P25 Digital Conventional and P25Trunking protocols.

Version Features:
  • Various new parameter programming capabilities (see firmware 5.6.0 release notes for more information)
  • Massive Undo/Redo rework
  • Added ability to program a child key with only one USB slot
  • Expanded search functionality for general tools
  • Users can drag/drop your codeplug onto RES to open it
  • Users can now show/hide columns in multi-channel view
  • Users can now set the display format of UIDs and TGIDs independently
  • Batch Programming log window now has an auto-save feature
  • Batch Programming now loads the codeplug that is open in RES when you open it
  • Ability to delete, copy and paste systems
  • Ability to add/remove multiple zones at one time
  • RES can now program radios with a master key
This package contains both the 32 & 64 bit installers.

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