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Motorola Astro 25 R20.01 Out-of-Band Patch for 2M, 70CM and 900MHz

Replacement Executable only (see prerequisites)

Additional information

This patch will allow OOB programming of Astro 25 mobiles in the 2M, 70CM and 900MHz splits. it is a replacement 'PatMobile' file for the Astro 25 R20.01 Mobile CPS.

  • CPS
  • Tuner
  • Install R20.01 CPS & Tuner
  • Extract this file to a safe place
  • Overwrite existing patmobile.exe with extracted file
You should find the Patmobile file in "c:/programs/motorola/astro/etc"

Side note: Astro Spectra Plus radios will not mod P25 OOB, will work OK on analog, internal firmware issue with Astro Spectra Plus radios.

Works with XP, Win 7 and should work with all windows applications that can run Astro 25 R20.01.

Trouble extracting this file? Download 7Zip from, it's free
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