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Motorola mototrbo 16.0 CPS build 827 Programming Software

Version 16.0.827.0 for 32 & 64 bit Windows

Additional information

Motorola CPS software for programming XPR 4550, 5550, 6550, and 7550 DMR radios.  Might work with other Motorola DMR radios as well.  

Tested with North American (USA) radios.  Will require an EID entitlement for wide band 25khz (USA amateur radio frequencies).

New in this release

Version Notes
16.0 (Build 827)
15.5 (Build 797)
Support for Enhanced Telephony
Support for MOTOTRBO Link
Support for Priority call
Support for Enhanced Channel Change
Support for Capacity Max Shared Frequency Control Channel
Support for Certificate Based Wi-Fi Access (WPA-Enterprise 802.1x)
Support for Set Copy/Paste in Radio Management
Support for Sub-groups in Radio Management
Previous Version
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