Telepatch TM-160/40 PROM Calculator

DOS based Program

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How to generate your HEXA Bytes to program PROM / EPROM / E2PROM memories and create new channels for the Telepatch 160/40 VHF radio.
What resources should I use, what program should I download, what procedure should I follow? Knowing that the radio's PLL is MC145146 and that the radio allows for infinite channels and frequencies, we are going to address this little secret from the manufacturer, kept under lock and key.

This POST will help not only Telepatch users, but everyone who uses the PLL mentioned above for some reason. What to do then:

1 - Download the CALCULA software
2 - Install on the WinDOS platform using a DOS emulator (XPMode).
3 - Open the program
4 - Enter the RX frequency in KHz (145350)
5 - Press ENTER until he asks for the frequency of TX´
6 - Calculate the frequency of RX +/- Offset (+/- 600)
7 - Enter the value in KHz in the field (144750)
8 - Press ENTER until the complete program code in HEXA appears at the bottom of the program and note it in a table.
9 - Press ENTER again to start calculating the new channel. Recording memories for the VHF Telepatch (PLL MC145146)

Admin Note: Tested with DOSbox, available HERE


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