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If I join, what emails will you send me?

Question If I join, what emails will you send me?
Answer There are 3 emails that are automatically sent by the Hamfiles server that you cannot stop, if you don't want to receive them, don't join.
  1. Registration confirmation, you need this to confirm you are a real person not a spam-bot. You will receive this only once.
  2. Welcome message, this assumes successful registration and provides some basic site information. You will receive this only once.
  3. Post download message, you will receive this every time you initiate a download but only once per 24 hours. In other words, if you download 3 RSS's in 24 hours you will receive the message once listing all the downloads you've made in this period. If you don't download anything you won't get this message.
All other emails are by subscription only ie opt-in. To change your opt-in setting please go to 'My Profile'> 'Edit'> 'Notifications'>