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Who qualifies for free members ads

Question Who qualifies for free members ads
Answer I'm always ready to support someone who offers a free Amateur Radio software or service so I've created a Free advertising slot in the forum to help you reach our members.

If you'd like to advertise in the forum without cost and you do not charge for your software or service other than accepting donations or are advertising a charitable or non-profit project please get in touch.

If you are able, create an image which meets the following specification yourself please send it to LZ2NJG

Free Ad Template
  • Image size 150px X 250px.
  • Must be PNG file format.
  • Background must be transparent or a colour complimentary to the general style of Hamfiles.
  • Any URL's must go to the free service or software you offer.
You may specify a 'Tool Tip' (a short message that displays when the users mouse pointer hovers over your advert.

You should provide me with a URL that links to your service or site.

If you are unable to create your own image, send me all the details to the address above and I will create something for you as soon as I have time.