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How can I become a VIP?

Question How can I become a VIP?
Answer Members that donate €50.00 or more over time (ie. the sum of your donations add up to €50.00 or more) are granted additional privileges which includes access to the VIP Zone. These members are automatically added to the 'Hamfiles VIP' Group.

Members that upload very recent versions or 'sensitive' items may also be entitled to VIP access once their upload is validated. They must follow the standard upload procedure BUT add their contribution to the VIP branch of the uploads categories.

These members are also automatically enrolled in the the 'VIP Contributor' Group providing they follow the above mentioned procedure, create a 'Request for Validation' Ticket and their upload is considered appropriate at the time of validation.

As the content of the VIP Zone is not public you may contact me directly if you think you have something of interest. This will save you time and effort if we already have what you are offering.