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Why are off-site URL's and email Addresses disallowed in the forum?

Question Why are off-site URL's and email Addresses disallowed in the forum?
If you see an email address or URL posted in the Forum Don't click it!
Seems like a strange thing to tell you but it's for your own protection.

Hamfiles has quite extensive Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus protection but cannot protect you from off-site links. There is also the case of your email address (if you are the person posting it) being collected by SPAM robots (BOTS) because the Forum is a public area.

URL's can walk you straight into scripts that will infect your machine and you will be completely unaware until it's too late. Email addresses can be collected (scraped) and added to a Phishing broadcast list so that eventually you pick up either Malware or worse, Ransomware.

Hamfiles offers a secure and private mail system built right into your profile (Visit your Inbox now). Messages will be sent through the Hamfiles mail server which can detect and block both Malware and Viruses before they reach you.

For all these reasons members are required, as part of the site rules, NOT to post email addresses or URL's in the Forum.


Here is an example of how easy it is to trick you into going to a unexpected web location. You would expect to be visiting the BBC with this link, try it (it IS safe): BBC.Co.UK or try this email address