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How are donation points calculated?

Question How are donation points calculated?

I'm often asked "Are the bonus points fixed", the answer is Yes.

I'm also asked "How are the points calculated", I hope this explains:
Group Total of Donation Points Bonus Points
  Less than €1.00 None None
Member €1.00-€4.99 You will receive 10 points

for every Euro you donate

plus the additional

bonus points

indicated to the right
None, Paypal gobbles up
a big chunk in fees
Donor €5.00-€9.99 Plus 20 Bonus Points
€10.00-€14.99 Plus 50 Bonus Points
€15.00-€19.99 Plus 100 Bonus Points
€20.00-€24.99 Plus 150 Bonus Points
Super Donor €25.00-€49.99 Plus 10 Bonus Points per Euro
Hamfiles VIP €50.00+ Exclusive VIP Zone Access
Plus 20 Bonus Points per Euro

Every Euro you donate over time is cumulative

ie. If you donate €10.00 then make a second donation of €15.00 your total donations would be €25.00 so your total points will be 500 (250 + 250 bonus points).

This would appear on your account as follows:

First Donation, €10.00 = 100 Points + 50 Bonus Points
Second Donation €15.00 = 150 Points + 100 Bonus Points
Accumulative Adjustment = 100 Bonus Points

Final Total 500 Points
All donations are in support of the Hosting, Maintenance and Hardware for the site