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How can I earn points?

Question How can I earn points?
Answer There are a number of ways you can earn point.


In addition to knowing that you have helped keep Hamfiles alive, for every Euro you donate you will receive at least 10 Points.

Larger donations will be treated individually and the points you are awarded will reflect your generosity. Donations below €5.00 do not receive bonus points because Paypal grab a disproportional amount of your donation in fees.

Please note that this is a manual process to keep all your personal data at Paypal independent of the site to protect your security.

Please allow from 1 to 24 hours for your points to be updated.


New, valid, working RSS's not previously listed on this site will receive the download points that the downloader has spent. ie. if the download cost was 30 points, you will be credited with 30 points for uploading the file. If the file is downloaded say 10 times then you will receive 10 x 30 points.

Uploads are only validated if a ticket (one per item) is created due to time restraints. More info: When will my uploads be validated?

Forum Posts & Comments

Adding or replying in the forum or the comments section of a download may be rewarded with points. Members that regularly reply to other members questions with viable answers will be invited to join the Technical Support group. This group automatically allocates points for every post.

If you have made 20 or more posts meeting this criteria and have not yet been invited, please contact the Administrator.

Pointless Comments & Posts

Adding comments like 'Works with Windows x' when the DL already states this or things like 'Great', 'OK' etc. will not be rewarded.


Please try to ascertain the correct RSS/CPS before you download as points are not refundable. If you are unsure make a post in the forum or ask via the appropriate downloads comments.

Update: February 2016

Since the points system has been abused by a few people to help them 'Scrape' the site I have had to stop automatic allocations of points in most cases however, the number of points given for useful, helpful and meaningful posts is greater than previously offered in recondition of your efforts.