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How can I maximise my Bonus Points?

Question How can I maximise my Bonus Points?
Answer Donations are added together so it's wise to maximise your bonus points by following the tips below.

There are break-points for donations totalling up to €25.00 that are particularly worth taking a look at.

For example, you donate €6.00 and receive 20 bonus points. If you then donate another €3.00 (totalling €9.00), you will receive no further bonus points as your total still falls within the first break-point (€5.00-€9.99)

If, on the other hand, your next donation was €4.00 not €3.00, you would have reached the second break-point (€10.00 - €14.99) so that your bonus points would total 50 (ie. 30 more points).

Break-points, these apply to all of your donations added together:
  • Less than €5.00 = No bonus points
  • Between €5.00 & €9.99 = 20 bonus points
  • Between €10.00 & €14.99 = 50 bonus points
  • Between €15.00 & €19.99 = 100 bonus points
  • Between €20.00 & €24.99 = 150 bonus points
  • Between €25.00 & €44.99 = 10 bonus points per Euro (Super Donor)
  • Over €50.00  = 20 bonus points per Euro (VIP)
Here is another example, from the above chart your can see that, if your donations total €24.00 you only receive 150 bonus points yet total donations of €25.00 would receive 250 bonus points.


Donations in multiples of €5.00 give the best reward

It looks complicated but the bottom line is this, for donations of less than €25.00, donate in €5.00 steps and if you've already donated an amount in between these ranges, make it up to the next break-point.


Donate in Euros to avoid currency exchange anomalies

Another thing that seems to be complicating matters is that some Paypal servers give the donor the choice of donating in Euros or their local currency. If you do your own calculations and donate in say USD, you can bet that Paypal will use a fractionally different currency multiplier and your donation amount might fall short of a break-point by a few coins.

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