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I've made a donation, when will my account be updated?

Question I've made a donation, when will my account be updated?
Answer Donations are kept completely separate from the site to ensure your personal data cannot be discovered in the unlikely event that the site is compromised.

This comes with obvious benefits but also one small disadvantage, your account is not updated in real time. This may change in the future if a mechanism can be built that offers the same level of security but for now, this is the best I can offer.

Every time a donation is completed I receive an email from Paypal, usually within a few minutes. I check my mail at least every hour between 08:00 and 22:00 GMT, 7 days a week under normal circumstances. As soon as I'm aware that a donation has been completed, I update the members account.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when the Paypal email doesn't arrive for a number of hours, there is post in the Hamfiles Site News Forum related to this.

There are times when this is not possible eg. the site is experiencing problems that require my immediate attention, but for the most part, the above applies. Please be assured, I consider donations to be of the highest priority.

You should also know, I'm on GMT + 2 so your time may not be my time.

It is important to note that as part of the Paypal process, there is a message field that requests you enter your Hamfiles User Name, if it is not displayed (due to a bug in the Paypal system) or you don't complete it, it may take longer than usual to update your account. If I am unable to connect your payment with user account I will write to you Paypal email address.

Thank you for supporting Hamfiles.