How do I create a Validation Ticket?

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Question How do I create a Validation Ticket?
Answer If you wish to have your own upload validated or are in need of an item in the back-catalogue, this is how to do it:
  1. Copy the EXACT title form the Back-Catalogue
  2. Click Site Support Ticket on the home page menu
  3. Scroll to the bottom of any existing entries and click Add Ticket
  4. Paste the EXACT title of the item you want validated into the Subject Line.
    Enter Only one item per ticket or it will be ignored!
  5. Enter the Reason you wish have it validated in the Message box
  6. Select Request for Validation in the Ticket Type drop-down
  7. Click Make Post
  8. Do not create multiple tickets for the same request, if you wish to add information please do so by updating the ticket.
A few reminders for up-loaders requesting validation
  1. Check the back-catalogue before uploading, the first occurrence (by date) of any upload will be selected for validation so you are just wasting your time if you upload a duplicate.
  2. The back catalogue is dynamic which means your upload WILL be there if it was successful.
  3. Include the version number in the title so that it separates itself from other uploads.
  4. Don't expect to upload a large number of files and get them all validated at once, I just don't have the time.
  5. If an upload fails to pass 99% of the tests at then it will never be validated.
  6. If you fail to provide sufficient information for members to distinguish this from other versions (ie. region info, models supported etc.) it won't be validated.
Other Information
The back catalogue contains all files that have been uploaded but about 50% of them are useless for various reasons including: Duplicates, infected, don't run, no serial, insufficient information and more so it's presence in the list doesn't guaranty it's validity.

Past experience shows that validations take from about 20 minutes to 4 hours so I cannot do many at a time. Failed validations (for the reasons mentioned above) can take just as long so please try to make my job as easy as possible.