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Icom CS-F7000 RSS/CPS programming Software

RSS/CPS v1.30

Additional information

CS-F7000 cloning software is designed to perform data setting and cloning for IC-F7000 HF Land Mobile Transceiver.

Notes by VK3XHM:

To unlock the program to allow 1.8 to 30 mhz TX and RX:

Enter "C:\Program Files\Icom\CS-F7000\CSF7000.exe" /expert into the short-cut properties target line (assuming you have it set up in that location). An expert symbol should appear in the bottom R.H of the window.

Set radio to AUS at top of page to get 29.999mhz.

Go to the DIODE tab to allow full PWR on 10 mtrs.

A good idea to save current program before having a play.
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