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Cacheoff Utility - Disables Cache for Older RSS/CPS with Timing Issues

MS-DOS Utility

Additional information

This is a small program to shut off the cache in your computer.  Several of the older radio software used to program radios such as Spectra and Syntor X9000 have problems running.  You come up with errors trying to start the programs.

Run this program before starting the Motorola software.

I think you will find the problems will go away.  Fought for a long time when I was trying to program a SIU (serial interface unit) used with the HHCH (hand held control head) for the Spectra.  It always failed to start with an error.  Then one day I tried running this program before starting the serial interface unit software.  Guess what, it ran.

Then there were issues with trying to run the Spectra software on different computers.  It would run on some and not others.  So tried the "" program and again the problem went away.

So now I have put this program into the main directory of all the different Spectra and Syntor X9000 directories I have.  That way it is easy to find when I go to run the Motorola software.

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