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Motorola GM300 CPS (R05) Programming Software

Revision R05.00.00 for DOS

Additional information

This is what worked for me on my Windows 7 64bit Ultimate software machine with SSD hard drive and 6 core processor.

There are a lot of tutorials out there made just for this Gm300 R05 software and how to make this software work however they leave out some key elements. Just search for GM300 programming.

  • DOS/DosBox Software
  • Gm300 CPS
  • USB Serial Cable with (FTDI Chipset) the type of chipset was not pointed out in the instructions. I had tried a number of serial cables and none worked until I settled on Sabrent Serial Cable with a FTDI chipset.
Note: "DosBox does not support the chipset", just ignore the warning.

DosBox Setup:

The directions found on the Internet insisted to set the DosBox cycles to 191 and no other speed.  That did not work for me. I ploughed around looking at many different aspects and finally decided to experiment with speeds and found 127 worked; much to my surprise.

This took many days of trying to figure out why it didn’t work and I hope this insight will help you in setting up this programming software. I suspect the speed of my computer was the cause of having to slow down DosBox even more than suggested.  The 191 is a good place to start.

The benefits of this software over the XP software is flexibility in programming every option in this radio as well as programming the pins in the back.  Just great software!

Good luck.
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