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Motorola MX1000/MX2000/MX3000 RSS Programming Software

 RSS R.02.04

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This is the R.02.04 release of the Motorola RSS for the MX1000/MX2000/MX3000 handsets.

This version is not as quirky as the earlier versions since the serial port handling is improved. Earlier versions are very sensitive to the speed of the computer. However it will not work in Dosbox, so you need an MS-DOS computer.

So far I have only been using this on a 386sx/20 computer, further testing will commence.

If you run into problems even with MS-DOS it is a good idea to disable any buffering that the serial port may have, e.g. if you have a 16550 or other buffering UART.
Users have reported that this download is compatible with the indicated Operating Systems but an X does not necessarily mean it isn't. If you have successfully used this D/L with an otherwise un-confirmed O/S please leave a comment.

If you find an error in this or any other listing please let us know via the comment section for the appropriate download. Thank you.