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Motorola RVN5194 CP185 CPS R02.02 (Build58) Programming Software

Version R02.02 (Build58) for 32 Bit Windows

Additional information

Version Notes
R02.02 (Build 58) Support Battery Type programmable button.
R02.01 (Build 56) Updated driver installation method.
R02.00 (Build 53) Support MDC and Quik-Call II signaling system in some regions.
R01.07 (Build 46) CPS name change.
R01.04 (Build 35) Report feature enhancement.
R01.02 (Build 30) Support for the UHF1 radios.
R01.01 (Build 28) Support for the VHF radios.
R01.00 (Build 21) Support for the UHF2 radios.
Drag and drop support between models.
Support for multiple selection configuration. For example, select several channels in the tree view and set the parameters to the same value at once.
Support for custom views and undo/redo.

Admin Notes

Unfortunately the package is bloated with the necessary dot net fix hence the large DL size.
Users have reported that this download is compatible with the indicated Operating Systems but an X does not necessarily mean it isn't. If you have successfully used this D/L with an otherwise un-confirmed O/S please leave a comment.

If you find an error in this or any other listing please let us know via the comment section for the appropriate download. Thank you.