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  • Amateur Radio Utilities

    Software Tools and utilities associated with Amateur radio

    (2 entries, 0 subcategories)

  • CAT Control Software

    CAT (Computer Aided Transceiver) software

    (2 entries, 0 subcategories)

  • EchoAddons

    Applications for use in conjunction with Echolink

    Maintained by Peter, EI4JR.

    (24 entries, 0 subcategories)

  • Firmware

    Firmware (ROM images) for radio and radio related products by manufacture.

    (28 entries, 7 subcategories)

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Addons

    Addons for Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD).

    Maintained by Peter, EI4JR.

    (1 entry, 0 subcategories)

  • Manuals

    Service Manuals & Schematics

    A vast collection of Service Manuals, User Manuals, Schematic Diagra…

    (200 entries, 46 subcategories)

  • Military Radio

    (11 entries, 4 subcategories)

  • Radio & Electronics e-Books

    Information and data related to the Radio & Electronics world including Amateur Radio publications.

    (11 entries, 0 subcategories)

  • Radio Programming Hardware

    Interfaces, RIB boxes, cables etc. for programming.

    (10 entries, 0 subcategories)

  • Radio Programming Software & Data

    Radio programming applications and documentation of interest to Radio Amateurs. This section incl…

    (503 entries, 64 subcategories)

  • Tritan

    (0 entries, 0 subcategories)

  • Utilities

    Useful tools to assist the radio programmer

    (21 entries, 0 subcategories)