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The HamFiles Amateur Radio & PMR File Repository


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Commercial PMR equipment is frequently re-employed for Ham repeaters and personal stations. Hamfiles holds an ever growing collection of RSS applications and technical data to assist with any radio project.

Hamfiles is also the home of Echo Add-Ons coded by EI4JR.

This is a not-for-profit member-funded site, please consider donating. Your generosity will help keep Hamfiles alive.

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Qumox 10W Waterproof UHF /…

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apx programming sofware cps…

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Motorola CM200D/CM300D prog…

Last post: Sun

SFE-S820 programming software

Last post: August 20th 2016

64 bit HT1000 program

Last post: August 18th 2016

MT1000/P200 6 METER MOD ? a…

Last post: August 17th 2016

Motorola Programming CPS A…

Last post: August 17th 2016

Motorola Entitlement key???

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MT1000 (HT600E) RSS

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TK-3401D KPG-171d

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System Key Generator

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KENWOOD TK-280 Programming…

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motorola GP-960plus softwar…

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Simoco TSP2400B Software Wa…

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Latest Additions

Midland Lowband Titan 6 meter (50-54 mhz) Conversion

English Language PDF Document By Bob Gass N4FV
Ver. 1.01 Nov 17, 2015

Zastone ZT-A9 CPS (v1.08) Programming Software

Version 1.08 for Windows

Uniden Unipro AMX 813 Programming Software

Version 1.01 for DOS

Icom V200 Programming & Cloning Manual

English Language PDF Document

Hytera TC-580E CPS (V5.02) Programming Software

Version 5.02.01 for Windows

Obfuscated Email Link Creator

Version 1.0.4 for Windows

Motorola MT1000 RSS (R03) Programming Software

Revision R03.01.00 for DOS

Motorola MOTOTRBO R011215 130201 DM3xxx Series Firmware & Codeplug

Revision R011215 130201 for 32 & 64 Bit Windows

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The HamFiles Amateur Radio & PMR File Repository